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Success breeds success. If you want your business to thrive then surround yourself with successful people. Coworking makes sure of that.

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How you benefit from Coworking Memberships?

Why work from the confines of your home when you can work within a community of like-minded individuals. 

Be a part of a collaboration where business growth and development are fostered by sharing ideas and knowledge across various business industries.

CALYP is a coworking platform with the right tools, solutions and services for the ambitious to start, run and outperform

We are your springboard

to get you where you want to be

And what takes you there is not just the space but amazing coworking membership benefits as well

Calyp coworking

Training Events

Sharpen your knowledge and update your skills. Stay in constant contact with professionals.


Networking Events

Connect with other like-minded businesses and entrepreneurs and accelerate your business potential.

Calyp coworking


Gain practical business advice, support and encouragement from established business leaders.

Calyp coworking

Community Vibes

CALYP cultivates the culture where you can build meaningful connections with co-workers.

Calyp coworking

Social Events

Regular social events and activities to keep the Calyp community buzzing. Work & Play balance.

Calyp coworking

Conducive Environment

CALYP provides the right conditions to have you find the ideal, flexible spot and support system.

Calyp coworking

Personal Development

Engage in personal development initiatives and workshops to realize and actualize your true potential.

Calyp customer

Supportive Environment

Here is an ecosystem where the doers and thinkers are nourished and empowered.

Additional benefits included in all memberships

All inclusive

When you join Calyp you enjoy more than just the space. All the below coworking benefits are inclusive with your membership.

huge savings when you ditch a conventional office for coworking

Take a look at some of the basic savings with Coworking.

Coworking Benefits

Mentorship. Collaboration.


Mentorship, Collaboration and Networking are just some of the coworking benefits that come at CALYP when you choose either one of our membership programs. 

Whether you are an aspiring Entrepreneur or an established Business, CALYP is the right fit for you.

Cost Saving

Skip the overhead costs of yearly rental, utility bills and hiring front desk staff completely. This way you can focus your finances on your business. Choose from our various membership plans that best suit how you want to work.


Startups, entrepreneurs, freelancers and established businesses all benefit from networking opportunities. Working in a communal space with professionals from diverse or similar fields makes a huge impact on knowledge transfer and sharing while making valuable connections.

Brand Awareness

What better place to market and spread news about your business. Word of mouth goes a long way when its your co workers who help to promote your brand inside and outside the work space.


Coworking brings intellectuals together to share and bounce off ideas. Would you rather work in between smart people or from your home alone? Collaboration yields productive results, which in turn generates ideas into real business stories.

Work & Play

Strike a balance between work and play. Coworking allows you the freedom to work and socialize at the same time. Form meaningful relationships with your co workers both within the workspace and outside at organized social events.


We all need some advice now and then. What better place to gain practical business advice and guidance than in a communal workspace. Here all the people come from diverse business backgrounds and can offer valuable tricks and tips to support your business.

choose the perfect location that suits your business.


Business Bay

The wall street of Dubai, Business Bay is the ideal place for corporates. The center is located on the 44th floor of the tallest tower in Business Bay with 360 degree view of Dubai.


Sheikh Zayed Road

Located opposite the Trade Center area and walking distance from the metro, this center provides trendy work spaces in one of the most popular areas in Dubai.


Al Barsha

Close to Mall of the Emirates, the metro and 15 minutes from Jebel Ali, this center is best suited for the conservative business minds.

Now choose the perfect coworking membership plan

Calyp Virtual Offices

Perfect for those who require a virtual office along with an address.

Starting at

AED 499/month

Calyp Latifa Towers

An option most favorable to freelancers who want to work a few hours a day.

Starting at

AED 800/month

Calyp Latifa Towers

Ideal for those who need dedicated work space and business nurturing.

Starting at

AED 1500/month

Calyp Vision Tower

Perfect for those who need a trendy serviced work space with exclusive benefits.

Starting at

AED 2500/month

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