Our story


CALYP is a collective of amazing people striving to build an amazing business community.​

Our Story

We get it – working on your dream project or building your business is an undertaking that’s rife with challenges and setbacks but also small wins and incredible triumphs. Along the way, you might need a mentor to help you see the bigger picture or a buzzing space to build your team of mavericks. And if you’re a freelancer, sometimes you need somewhere lively to get your creative juices flowing.


We realise that one of the biggest challenges that entrepreneurs and freelancers face is finding the ideal, flexible spot and support system. Whether you’re launching a new product or testing the market for an expansion, you need a springboard to get you to where you want to be. And for any business to take off, ingenuity, speed and efficiency are a big deal

Our Mission

To empower thinkers and doers with the right platform, tools, and community, and nurture them to create unique success stories.

How We can Help

From insight that adds context to your strategic roadmap to sourcing collaborators that energise, we are your enablers. We are committed to helping you reach your goals and move to the next exciting phase. Or just supply you with the encouragement, caffeine or your next partner!

At Calyp, we don’t settle for second best and we don’t expect you to either. We adapt and evolve in order to provide you with all that it takes to gain a distinctive edge. We want to co-create those ‘wow’ moments that you will one day look back at with pride. And we have big plans because we want you to grow big.


Welcome to your next amazing adventure and bring on the high-fives. We are open – let’s get going.

Our Values At CALYP we stay true to our mission with values that are hardwired into our company’s DNA.

PASSION: Passion for going all in to get stuff done.

TRUST: Cultivate trust to unlock valuable connections.

RADICAL: Be radical and open to different perspectives.

COLLABORATION: Collaboration is key – do great things together.

FOCUS: Focus on what matters but make room for fun.

AMPLIFY: Amplify the positives and never say never.

CURIOSITY: Champion curiosity for better results and bigger smiles.

Who We Nurture

Established Businesses

If you need a setup for your team outside your company premises, we have the right solutions for you.


Start, run and grow your new business with CALYP. We have the road map to your success.


CALYP offers the flexibility to those who need to work a few hours a day.


CALYP values innovation and breeds on the culture of ingenuity. All innovators are welcome to join the community.


Even if you are a one person show who wants to go on it alone, we have the perfect setup for you.

How We Can Help YOU grow your Business

Private Offices


Flexi Desks

Virtual Platform

Exclusive Benefits


Inspiring dreamers to shape a better tomorrow and live the dream


To empower thinkers and doers with the right platform, tools, and community, and nurture them to create unique success stories.

Questions? [email protected] or Call at 04 5567300